Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Did Adobe drop the ball on DST changes?

This post is about the upcoming Daylight Savings changes in the U.S.

OK, so let's start with some facts:
ColdFusion 7.0 uses Java Version 1.4.2_05
ColdFusion 7.0.2 (which came out November 30, 2006) uses Java Version 1.4.2_09
According to an Adobe Technote you need Java Version 1.4.2_11 in order to be compliant with the new DST dates for 2007.
The Technote does not currently appear on the main ColdFusion Support page. You have to search for it.
The instructions linked from said Technote are fairly detailed on how to upgrade the Standalone version of CF, but despite the title, don't apply directly to multiserver installs.

This all leads me to the following questions:
If Adobe has updated Java versions in the past, why have they not made a patch for this?
Why does this information not appear on the main ColdFusion Support page?
Why are the instructions not more detailed and specific to the different install options?
Am I asking for too much?
Did I miss something?
Did Adobe drop the ball here?
Will the world blow up on March 11?
Will I actually update this post when Adobe's knowledgebase becomes available again?

I welcome any input from anybody who can answer any of these questions.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

I was wrong, and other housekeeping

I'll start with the housekeeping. I haven't posted in quite a while, mostly because I haven't had anything to say. I don't kid myself that I have any regular readers, and in this day of aggregators, I find myself very comfortable with posting only when I have something to say.

Shortly after my last post, it was pointed out to me that I was missing the point of that particular discussion. I didn't agree at the time, but since then I've come to concede that perhaps that was the case. I briefly considered retracting the post, but I decided to leave it for posterity.

I never did make that post about my Model-Glue issue. Upon further review, it was 100% PEBKAC related, and not something that would be easy to duplicate.

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