Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Future ColdFusion Features

During the recent Adobe Developer Week, I somehow found myself in a private session showing off some high end features that are being worked on for ColdFusion 9. Now, I'm sure that those invited all agreed not to disclose any information that was being presented, but since I ended up there uninvited, I thought I'd share what I saw. They began the session by explaining that what with all of the great new features released in ColdFusion 7 & 8, ColdFusion is in danger of losing one of it's sets of core users. They call this group the Common Laymen and Office Dwellers or CLODs for short. In order to address the concerns of their CLOD constituency that ColdFusion is getting too complex, they've decided to add a new tag.

<cfsite type="brewpub" skin="blue" name="Nodding Head" location="Philadelphia, PA" />

That simple tag produced the following site...

From what I can tell, the tag does a yellow pages search on the name and location to find specific address, phone and hours, then goes out and finds appropriate graphics, before finally generating the site. My assumption is that the site is then cached somewhere, since I would assume that those searches would run a bit slow under load.

I for one am very exited about the efforts Adobe is going to in order to make the life of the average CLOD better. Oh, and if anyone asks, you didn't hear this from me.

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