Friday, December 28, 2007

FCKeditor can meet your rich text needs.

I realize that FCKeditor is bundled with ColdFusion 8, but those of us running ColdFusion 7, or PHP, or any number of other languages, can also take advantage of this flexibly licensed, powerful, and thanks to included hooks and samples, easy to integrate rich text editor. I should say up front, that I am in no way affiliated with the FCKeditor project, but am simply a satisfied user.

For users of ColdFusion 6 and above it can be as simple as downloading and unzipping the editor, and then calling the included fckeditor.cfc like this:

<cfset editorInstance = createObject('component', '') />
editorInstance.instanceName = "formFieldName" />
editorInstance.basePath = "/path/to/fckeditor/" />
editorInstance.Create() />

Note: This screenshot does not represent the default button set.

On the back end, the HTML generated by the editor simply comes through as a form field value using the instanceName that you set, making it dead simple to enhance existing forms.

If you've been unsure how to implement rich text editors, or have been struggling with one that doesn't quite meet your needs, I urge you to give FCKeditor a try.

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