Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coding with the Stars

Bear with me for a bit, this post is actually on topic. Ok, I'll admit it; my wife has me watching Dancing with the Stars. We've watched for a few seasons now, and I must say that this season's stars are improving much faster than in previous seasons. While a lot of the credit goes to the hard work that the stars themselves are putting in, I think a good deal of the credit goes to their professional partners who are all really taking advantage of their star's strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses.

I've noticed that I've received a similar benefit in the two or so years that I've been actively reading blog entries, participating in comments, and ultimately blogging myself. I haven't blogged much lately, and shockingly enough it has little to do with the standard lame excuses. The fact of the matter is that I've composed several blog entries recently only to read what's out there before I post and discover that it's the hot topic of the day around the ColdFusion community. Unfortunately each of these times, I've had nothing significant to add to the discussion, so I've ended up shelving those posts.

My initial thought was, "Wow, I'm dialed into the communal brain. That means I've made it." Upon further review, I realize that it's probably more that by reading posts from people in the community, I've be shamelessly sponging as much knowledge from some of the world's best CF developers as I can. The fact that I'm starting to think about the same things as they do, means that I've finally digested much of what I've read, much like the stars and their professional dance partners. While I don't know that I actually want to dance with any of you, I'll save the dancing for my wife, I look forward to continuing to learn and share what I learn.

For any ColdFusion newbie who might happen on by, I implore you to take full advantage of the CF community. Read blogs, ask questions, and look through code samples. You'll become a much better developer because of it.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Laughing at ourselves

It's not as funny as many of their other "commercials", but they guys at Rails Envy have taken on ColdFusion

Good thing we ColdFusion developers have thick skins. They did forgot to mention, .NET, PHP, and Ruby when discussing languages. Who's your dad anyway?

Late breaking addition: It appears that Charlie Griefer has leaked some ColdFusion 9 concept art.

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